Financial dimensions on Stores overrule everything in Ax 2009 Retail


I am trying to get my sales transactions (Ax 2009 Retail) to register with specific financial dimensions (for analysis) - i.e. I want to sell an item in multiple store areas, but be able to register the turnover etc. on a specific dimension.

However, the dimensions defined on my stores seem to overrule any dimensions set on both items, POS, customer etc. I.e. when I import my sales transactions (not necessarily invoice them) the dimensions set on my items is replaced with my store dimensions - even if I blank all store dimensions, the transactions will get blank dimensions as well (indicating that the store dimensions are actually overruling everything).

Have I missed something in the setup? I can’t seem to find anything related to this in the Retail HQ parameters or the like.

Any help is greatly appreciated.