Financial Dimension linking

Dear All
I have one case related to Financial Dimension, actually 1 dimension is link with another dimension & vice versa, for example I have main account, Govern ate FD & Branches FD, each Governate has link with different Branches or vice versa.

Main Account




Governate A

Branch A

Branch B

Branch C


Governate B

Branch AA

Branch BB

Branch CC

I already made account structure with validation, if I will select Governate A only Branch A, Brach B & Branch C will come, if I will select Governate B then Branch AA, Branch BB & Branch CC will come but my concern is when I will pass the transaction, I select account & select any branch then system automation gave Governate because it is link.
Please help me for this if there is any solution.

Warm Regards

It sounds like your account structure is set up something similar to this, with the 2nd column as Governate FD and the 3rd column as Branch FD:

6303.account structure sample.jpg

If that setup is correct, then the selection of Governate & Branch will be separate from each other in a journal.

In other words, if you select main account and then tab to the Branch segment and select Branch BB, it will NOT automatically select Governate B.

What do you mean by the FD being “linked”?

And, is there any country localization or system modifications which might be affecting this?