Financial dimension Behaving strange in AX 2012.ll,

Hi All,

For a functionality I have Created financial dimension in several form. In our test environment we are getting correct automated value where as in other environment value is coming blank for some time.


I have created From and To financial dimension in Transfer Order form which is auto coming in Transfer lines when we are selecting item in line.

then we are going to ship this order . Financial dimension value should coming from Transfer order to Shipping form and Shipping lines also but sometime it’s coming and sometime it’s not coming.

Were you able to identify in which case it is working and in which case it is not working?

No it’s just Pre-production environment where the value is not appearing regular. In Dev environment values are coming in perfectly in one click.


can we delete all data from "InventTransferParmTable " and “InventTransferParmLine” table. it seems these table have some misc. data which is creating problem.

You may delete the records except with Job status waiting.
Why do you want to delete all the records?
What misc. data you have identified?

The requirement was , we have to add From and To financial dimension in transfer order form , Trans Ship form , Receive Form.

We created From and To Financial dimension in Transfer table where as Transfer already has From and to dimension. Same value we added in Ship header and ship line already has From and To dimension. Same with receive.

Now Transfer Table’s dimension will move in Line at the time of item creation and From Transfer form same value will go to Ship and then Receive table.

As Ship and Receive sharing same parms table so they are collecting data at the time of form opening and Edit Line check box.

I deleted data but not work.

In one environment this is working fine where as in second envionmt some time records are taking blank dimension.

Can you show the code you have written and where you have written it?

It’s just simple Default dimension code we are written in “InventTransferMulti” class’s “Insert” method. And in InventTransferParmLine’s Create Ship Line and Create Receive line Method. Code is simple.

inventTransferParmTable.DefaultDimShipFrom = inventTransferTable.DefaultDimShipFrom;

inventTransferParmTable.DefaultDimShipTo = inventTransferTable.DefaultDimShipTo;

However , I enabled the Hot Swapping from Server Configuration and it seems that another environment is also taking the correct value.

Is there any relation between both?

I created some order where the value coming fine. I’ll try more on it.

Not really.