financial diamension site not displayng in shipment voucher for Transfer order in 2009

Hi everyone…

while doing Transfer order in 2009,when TO receive,we find out voucher transaction in Inquiries,

there is two vouchers are generated one is for shipment and other for receipt,

while shipment its not displaying diamention>site…

site might be shikrapur or chakan…

please suggest me solution for this issues.



Dear Manli,

can you please provide me the detail scene so may b i can help you out for this.

thanks & regards.


HI husain,

we are tryng for stock transfer(TO),so if there is any receive order complited so we will two voucher is in inquiries.

  1. go to IM>periodic>Transfer order

made oder with status stock transfer,shipped it,and received it.

2)checking inquiries>transfer order history

getting two vouchers with update type shippment and receive.

in voucher shippement its not showing site diamention???



Dear Manali,

you can add dimension display in this form.

if you open transfer order history, a form will open in that form you can see below inventory click on inventory you will get the selection where you can add site warehouse and location which will appear below.

hope this will solve your problem.

thanks & regards.

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plesae go to ledger tab in heading…

we will get voucher there in that voucher diamention tab is there,

in diamention site is not showing…

it seems to come automatically.



Dear Manali,

are you using multi site concept in your environment meas do you have multiple site.

thanks & regards.

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