Financial Consolidation rates

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when it comes to Consolidation in the Axapta or Navision , we need to take the closing rate for balance sheet accounts and average rate for P& L accounts .

Can any one explain what does it mean by Closing rate and average rate and how to consider these rates ?

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Hi Lally,

Here closing rate means year end / month end day rate and average rate is average rate of given duration or period.


Rajesh Kumar

Hi Rajesh,

Thanks for the reply.

Can you explain with an example.[:(]


If the financial year Jan-Dec, closing rate means as on 31-Dec currency rate. Avarage rate is a avarage rate of all the rates.

Example. USD to INR

Date Currency Rate
1-Jan-12 54.00
31-Jan-12 53.00
1-Jun-12 55.00
30-Nov-12 55.50
31-Dec-12 54.50

Average Rate 54.40 (Formula—> Sum all the rates(272) / Count (5))

Closing rate 54.50