Financial Closing

Hi All

I want to do the financial closing twice in the year one on 30 June and another on 31 dec, how can i do this i am using AX 2009.

Please advise me.


We can have two closing periods for the same year. I thought we can use this to do the closing on needed month.

But, the code is developed in such a way to find the end of the year while running the “fiscal year close”. May be code can altered and you can try running that and verifying the results.

I’m now left with two questions.

  • will there by any implication on doing the close two times in year.(Altering the code little bit may allow us to do it)

  • Why we have been given option to create different closing periods.

If you need to do closing two times a year, you need to define fiscal calendar accordingly. Say for example fiscal 2013, you need to create separate calendar for Jan to June 2013 and July to December 2013. However, this is not recommended.