Financial closing in AX

Dear All,

In AX if i close the Financial Year for converting the closing Balance to opening it’s only give the ledger effects. No other modules are affected.

E.g. (1) In Bank Accounts if I have Some balance on 31/03/2012. on closing the financial Year it’s giving effects to Bank ledger in charts Of Accountsonly and no effects given to the Bank Module.

(2) Same will apply for Taxes. In One of the Tax code there is some balance on 31/03/2012. Some same balance will not be opening in the Next Financial year in the System.

For making the closing Balance to opening I am doing the same Procedure from General Ledger > Periodic > Fiscal Year Close.

Is there any other way out to convert the all Modiles Balance as opening in the MS Dynamic AX


Jinesh Shah

If you have $1000 in the bank at year end and close the financial year you should still have $1000 in the general ledger bank account, and the bank account, if not you have a different issue!