Finance Setup

Iam very new to this forum i have a small doubt in finance setup

  1. How to start setting finance for a company means where to start either at posting groups , general ledger, bank accounts or dimensions

  2. My dilema is how to start with and also relationship between all the concepts in finance module

Plz explain me in detail if possible with example

Thank u in advance to the gr8 experts

Start with Analysis of customer requirements to find out what reporting is required and what functions in NAV will meet those requirements.

Then document and publish those requirements and gain agreement from your customer.

Chart of Accounts is basis of Finance - all fiscal reporting is generated via those tables. The Dimensions, then posting groups then Bank Accounts. But this cannot be a stright line route, there will always be references to previous steps.

Fo our operations we always build a test or QA database with the agreed configuration and then do enough testing to satisify yourself and the customer that the configuration meets requirements. We usually then refine part of the setup as the customer realises what they have forgotten or see some additional benefit can be gained.