Finance Charge Memo 3.6 Amt + Vat Amt Base <> Amt

I have a problem with Finance Charge Memos, when posting/issue I get an error stating that: VAT Amount + VAT Base Amount must be Amount; I have look at the code and data, the Calculation does not take any Rounding into Account. ( CodeUnit 11 ) My Data is out by (0.01) Amount - (VAT Amount + VAT Base Amount) = 0.01 What else could be wrong here. Is there any new fixes to 3.6 regarding this issue. thanking you Wayne.

Here is my findings: The VAT BASE Amount gets calculated from the Amount in Table 81 “Gen. Jnl Line” at point of “VAT %” Onvalidate. The VAT BASE gets reverse Calucalted from the Journal Line. Then Code Unit 11. checks the Journal, it Compares the Values against those enterd into the Finance Charge Memo; Then the ERROR Pops up, VAT BASE + VAT <> Amount; Here is some DATA: (1) --before Rounding in Table 81/Vat % On Validate— Amount = 21032.36 - Read from Record VAT Amount = 2582.92 - Reverse Calculated in trigger VAT BASE = 18449.44 - Reverse Calculated in trigger VAT is set to 14% (2) --The Finance Charge Memo Total-- Total = 18449.43 (3) Then Gen. Journal Check Line is executed and The Error Occurs. I wonder is there any hotfixes for NAvision 3.6 Regarding the above. Thankx Wayne Forrest.

Has any one experienced this ?