Fin.SMT is asking for Administrator Rights V. 4.0

HI All, We are facing one problem with navision version 4 server - clients configuration. After installing the navision in the client PC, when the user trying to connect to the Server, its throwing the following error. FIN.SMT attribute is incorrect. user is not having the access to access teh file. Note : The user logged in as normal user in the client PC. User is not having any administrator rights for the local PC. This is happening in normal direct client server environment as well in the Citrix platform also. Any one can help me on this.

I have a Customer with the exact same problem [V]. We are running TS against the computer some times. Could it be a clue? Some one having a solution, or may see this before…

Try setting modify permission on the Navisions installation folder for the users.

We do have this issue. Looks like this issue is there when we install in folders other than Program Files… Is it the same case with you all?? rgds Anu

As Lars says, its definitely a permissions issue. Unfortunately just giveing permissions often does not resolve it, and you have to try other things. One thing that often helps, is as follows. Log in on the client as administrator. Run navision (this will compile the SMT file to an STX file) Drag the FIN.EXE file as a shortcut onto the desktop (make sure all users can access the short cut) log in as a user try running the new short cut, and see if yous till have the error. Some times the Short cut that Navision generated during install, can not run from a normal user log in.