fin.exe use over 50%CPU usage on Citrix MetaFrame

Hello together we use Navision Attain 3.10.A on 4 of Windows 2000 SP4 Citrix MetaFrame servers XPa FR2. Different it occurs once, that user which ones opened the Navision and which are loged in the system but which work not, they cause a CPU utilization between 45-50%. The other 20 users are pulled into disaster by that. As soon as the user puts down a command again in the Navsion slacked the problem and the system exhausts again “normal” around the 20-30% (not 80-90%). To have approx. 2 weeks ago will starch a lot the file, print and home servers to one powerfull server migrates. DNS and WINS TCP/IP numbers had to be changed by that. The Navision database however, was not changed (also the TCP/IP address of the Severs not). Does the Navision Attain Client onto the MetaFrame server must be reinstalled? Should users home folder be put out the fin.zup files from the terminal ? Who has an idea. same text on German: Hallo zusammen wir verwenden Navision Attain 3.10.A auf 4 Windows 2000 SP4 Citrix MetaFrame Server XPa FR2. Verschiedene mal kommt es vor, dass Benutzer welche das Navision geöffnet haben und angemeldet sind aber nicht damit arbeiten alleine zwischen 45-50% CPU Auslastung verursachen. Dadurch werden die anderen 20 User in Mitleidenschaft gezogen. Sobald der User im Navsion wieder einen Befehl absetzt entspannt sich das Problem und das System abreitet wieder “normal” um die 20-30% (nicht 80-90%). Vor ca. 2 Wochen haben wird die File-, Print- und Home-Server zu einem viel stärken Server migriert. Dadurch mussten DNS und WINS TCP/IP Nummern abgeändert werden. Die Navision Datenbank wurder aber nicht verändert (auch die TCP/IP Adresse des Severs nicht). Muss allenfalls der Navision Attain Client auf den MetaFrame Server neuinstalliert werden? Sollten die fin.zup dateien aus dem %username% Terminal Server Home Folder gelöscht werden? Wer hat eine Idee.

Try set up Citrix to use server time zone settings. In older versions of Navision there is a problem with users who have different settings for time zone

thank you for your reply. on every server (4 MetaFrame, 1 Database and on the others) is the same timezone defined (GMT+01:00 Amsterdam,Berlin,Bern,Rom,Stockholm,Wien). anyway, we mad no timezone configuration at the last months. what good be else? only the DNS and WINS Adresses changed since the migration. some Microsoft guy told me that we have only Hotfix 4 installed on the client (MetaFrame server). the detailed file number of the <<fin.exe>> is: thank you for the next ideas

Hi, i suppose that you have 2 CPU’s in your CITRIX server. the “utilization between 45-50%” is caused by the “tooltip” problem of navison (it should be fixed in navision 3.7). either you can make un update or you have to instruct your users. there are several threads in the forum about that. br Josef Metz

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