Help! We are suffering from severe performance problems on our Windows 2000 Terminal Server We have many errors logged in the Application Log for fin.exe.manifest What function does his object perform and what is causing the problem. All advice gladly accepted.

Manifest files are used in the .NET environment for defining assemblies (not really proper terminology and not the only reason for manifest files). In this case it is defining a .NET assembly with the name Navision.Attain.Client. Navision is using .net framework somehow and I guess it is using that file for some reasons.

Thomas, Thanks for the reply. FYI We run 4 instances of Navision 3.70 for SQL on one Windows Terminal Server(AT, DE, FR and GB). Recently we upgraded GB to 3.70B. We have errors that say finx.ex.manifest cannot be found but the file is there. It looks as thought the install did not register correctly; so we will re-install that client. The performance is also severely degraded when client printers are shared by clients but are not installed on the terminal server. Our user community covers about 150 users in 6 sites with many SOHO users - so administration can be painful. Thanks again.

The manifest files are not defining namespaces or assembly information - they are there only to allow standard windows controls to be displayed with the XP themed look as opposed to the old classic look - they are actually needed for the Common Controls dll version 6. Remove the file and scroll bars / message box buttons (and tree control in 4.0) will loose the themed look.

Thx, Robert. This it at least a clear information. I was just guessing [;)]

Robert, Thanks for the response. Is this file used when running the client on all versions of Windows or only for XP? Why should it be used when running on Windows 2000 terminal Server?[?]

No its only neeed for XP, but perhaps if a manifest is present it will be used as a reference instead of the executable name. What kind of errors are being written to the log?

Here are the errors… Application Event Log Source: MSInstaller Event ID: 1001 Detection of product ‘{00000000-0000-3700-5A00-0000836BD2D2}’, feature ‘NavisionSolutions’ failed during request for component ‘{8E362791-81E4-484C-B69C-5A4BFFB05700}’ Application Event Log Source: MSInstaller Event ID: 1004 Detection of product ‘{00000000-0000-3700-5A00-0000836BD2D2}’, feature ‘NavisionSolutions’, component ‘{693AEFF3-1C05-4998-92D4-9C82E471A07D}’ failed. The resource ‘C:\Program Files\Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision GB 370B\Client\fin.exe.manifest’ does not exist. Application Event Log Source: MSInstaller Event ID: 1015 Failed to connect to server. Error: 0x8007041D