Filters of the type %1 | % 2 | ... across a Lookup

Hello to all: I have in a table a field ‘Division’ type text of 40. I have generated a formulaic type to tabulate from that I present all the records. The idea is that the user can filter in the form across this field ‘Division’, by means of a Lookup to another table, through several options (for example: Division1|Division2|Division3). For it I have generated in the same table a field ‘Filter Division’, also of type text of 40 and have modified the property FieldClass of the above mentioned field to FlowFilter. I have showed the field ‘Filter Division’ across a Text Box. In the OnValidate () of the Text Box of ’ Filter Division ’ I have generated the following code: SETRANGE (Division, “Filter Division”); And in the OnAfterValidate () of the same Text Box: CurrForm. UPDATE; , but on having executed it and him to add in the Text Box ‘Filter Division’ the text Division1|Division2|Division3, being all three possible and visible options in the records, the form to tabulate appears without any record. In what I am wrong?

try using setfilter in stead of setrange. Reijer.