Filters in roles Attain 3.10

Hi I want to use the posibility of setting up filters in roles. I am aware that I have to set up the filter in all roles, witch gives acces to the table, and I have done that. Our employees use the form 207 (resource journal) to daily registering. Each employee have a journal. I want to make a filter that only gives acces to a certain journal, and only allowes to set in a certain ressource. It doesen´t seem to work - is it possible? Best regards, Karl

Hi Karl, what Server do you have? The security filter in roles only works with MS SQL Server. This information is not really emphasized by Navision Marketing. Regards Frank

The program is running on MS SQL 2000 server Karl

Also it only works on the primary key.

Sorry for asking, but what do you mean by it only working on the primary key?

I have checked & we are using, it works fine with other fields also as far as the permission on the table is limited to Read only. But when I,M,D permissions are combined with Security Filter, the user gets an error ‘You don’t have Read permission for … Table’. Regards

What Mohammad Rahimudd said might work in his case. Not generally. I think this is a SQL feature taking over to C/Side without seeing any real life tests