Filters have become case-sensitive

Hi, This may sound daft, but just recently, when I try to search or set a filter, it has become case-sensitive. Anyone else had this and how do you get rid of it? Thanks Justin

Erm, haven’t filters always been case-sensitive? For searching, there’s an option on the search form which you might have set accidentally. Anyways, you can turn off case-sensitivity in filter expressions by including the @ character in the filter string. Anything right of this character will be regarded case-insensitive.

I didn’t think so - but an example is - for example - normally in Object designer you can click on the name column, then hit ‘i’ to get to Item. Now I have to hold shift and hit ‘i’ to get there. It’s not the end of the world, but I’m curious. The ‘Match Case’ box on the Find dialogue isn’t checked. Cheers

This is odd… I can only reproduce this behavior if I activate the “Match Case” option. Strange. What Navision version are you using?

Delete the zup-file. I have had that problem as well. Anyway, in this time it is not very clever to use the ‘@’ for case sensitive. Try to set a filter on an email…huaaaaaa. But that’s Navision! We will wait another 5-6 year to get our globalfilter back ("…might be used in a future version") and then another 2-3 years to set a filter on an email without any problems…

Hi, I’m using 3.01B, but deleting the zup file has fixed it. Another of life’s great mysteries. Thanks for your help. Justin