I am trying to show a form on the Menu that will result after going through:
General Ledger - Chart of Account - Account - Ledger Entries.
This shows General ledger Entry form. Here you can click on Table filter to get G/L Entry-Table filter. G/L Entry-Table filter will enable you to filter on the table. Now i want only G/L Entry-Table filter to show on a Menu without having to go through General Ledger - Chart of Account - Account - Ledger Entries. and then click on table filter to have access to it.

I want a way that you can just click onces and G/L Entry-Table filter appear. Then the user just place the filter he/she wants and filter. We don’t want the user to be able to click on the table filter after going through General Ledger - Chart of Account - Account - Ledger Entries…
Any ideas please.

I haven’t found any way to show Table Filter from the beginning, but the permission to forbid access to the table filter is number 3220. Anyway I understand this willn’t be operative without the first case :frowning:


Hi to all.

Sounds like you are trying to set filtering BEFORE the user accesses the form?!?

I have to concur with David - why?

I actually got it working now. My problem is the variable i defined and placed in a text box is not showing as a textbox on forms 372 and 5604. I defined a Variable called EnterAccountNo code size 20 and add a text box to form with EnterAccountNo as sourceexp . I add OnValidate SETRANGE(“G/L Account No.”, EnterAccountNo);. After doing this it worked. But its not working on the forms i mentioned above.

Do you know why?