FIltering the onhandstock items

Hi all

I have a problem in filtering the data.

I have created a dialog class with itemid field where i need to filter the data in inventsumtable(only stock available items)

My problem is availablephysical is not a field ,its a display method,how to filter the display method .

for example availablephysical method is

display InventQtyAvailPhysical availPhysical()
return (this.physicalInvent() - this.ReservPhysical);

display InventQtyPhysicalOnhand physicalInvent()
return this.PostedQty + this.Received - this.Deducted + this.Registered - this.Picked;



what is your output and where you are trying to filter?

in Production form i am trying to bring that dialog class with itemid field from inventsum table where available physical should not be null