Filtering Records On Button Click

Hi All ,

I have two forms.In first form I have one Multiselect StringEditControl(Contains Values of One Enum Field in Second Form) and One Button Control.Based on the selection of stringedit in first form ,The second form should display the records.After clicking the button the second form should open and display the records.

The table of second form is TrainingInfo .

Fields 1)Name(String)


In first form , the stringedit control contains the values of Languages(Enum) Field.

Tell me the possibilities…

Thanks in Advance…

With which part do you need some help? Maybe you don’t know how to filter data. Maybe you know how to filter, but you don’t know how to pass data between forms. Maybe something else. Please explain what exactly you need from us, so we don’t waste time explaining something you don’t need.

Thanks Martin ,

I have to pass the selected stringedit values to second form and filter records on second form based on the selected values in AX 2009.

Hi Gopinath,

Just try this link…/

Here i’ve used the container bcoz two different value i’m passing. just pass the string value and get it in the second form. Discord the class codes.