filtering Qty to Sales order by Ext Doc No ini Sales Header

hi all

how to filtering Qty to Sales order by Ext Doc No ini Sales Header?

i create report… already done

but i want to filter it using ext doc no


my code

Item - OnAfterGetRecord()
SETRANGE(“Location Filter”,Location.Code);
CALCFIELDS(“Qty. on Sales Invoice”);
AmountLoc[i]:=“Qty. on Sales Invoice”;
LocName[i] := Location.Code;
i:= i + 1;
UNTIL (Location.NEXT = 0);

Hi Stan,

For which report you want to do this…!!

Upto what I believe this is possible, we have to filter on sales header through ext doc no. and on the base of what the set of records we get, we can get the qty from sales line…!!!

So can you tell me what are the data items of this report…???

i create the report

using item dataitem

like Item By Location

but i want to filter it by Ext Doc No (from sales header)

So you have one DataItem Item, and you want it by Location and the quantity should be shown under that location and the Ext Doc No of sales header, is it so???

the item by location is already done

but it show all of them

what i want is… the item by location can be filtered by ext doc no (sales header)