Filtering page API

Hi everyone,

I’ve published a page that is consumed from an external application. The source table of this page, is “Item”.
I need to aplly one filter, not to send al the items to the external aplication. The filters logic is this

IF "Item Category Code" = 'XXX' THEN
  SETFILTER("Product Group Code",'<>%1&<>%2&<>%3','00','100','99');

I don’t want to send items from category XXX and with the indicated product group code. Where and how can I locate that filter?

Thank you all, and merry christmas!!

Hi, can you be more specific, please.

What filter are you trying to locate?

Perhaps you can try something like this:

IF "Item Category Code"<>XXX THEN //different form the category code that you don't want to send
    SETFILTER("Product Group Code",'<>%1&<>%2&<>%3','00','100','99'); //this can also be removed then or not, depends on your action
        Transferfields.XXX -> I guess you want to copy data of a record

Thank you