Filtering Option Not Avaiable for Main contact field lookup in CustTable

Hi All,

In custtable , we have a field ‘MainContactId’,Over here in my ax 2009 with Roll Up 6, wherever that field is used,say in reports,forms…etc…Inside lookup of that field…we have employee and name.

Am able to filter the emplyee(emplid) but not able to filter name-its greyed out.

I checked standard, am getting the option to filter the name but not in roll ups.

can any one help me out in this case??

All suggestion most welcome

For navigation-- You can check any reports relating to customers information–inside dialog box= select …On field select Main contact instead of custaccount and criteria…Find the LookUp…

Please help.

Found the problem with help finally…

Its because in Roll Up Microsoft have made a change to EmpltableLookup form.

As per standard

In empltablelookup form- we have dirpartytable as a datasource along with empltable and in design DirpartyTable-name field was used .

But in Roll Up-- its been changed!! Like we dont have dirpartytable as a datsource and for name -MS have used Name method directly from empltable due to which filtering is not possible.

finally its Solved when we put back the name field from dirpartytable.