filtering on the last day of the month

Hello, We are automating reports with shortcuts (3.7a) so I’m simply modifying the shortcuts to my needs. My problem is that I cannot figure out a way to filter a date field on the last day of the month. I know the keyword “T” (in a date filter of a report) will give me the current date but is there something similar I can use to give me the last date of the month? Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks!!

Ok well I pretty much solved it. I needed to filter from “…end of month” and the keyword to use is “…p”. It works! Filters me the last day of the month every time! See ya.

Well actually it doesn’t seem to work with shortcuts!?! It works fine if I manually type it into a report date filter. This is very strange. Anyone know why it is behaving like this?

You should use the Period table to help you. Use period type Month and filter on starting date as mm/01/yy where the mm is the month you are working with and yy is the year (use DATE2DMY to retrieve the month and year). The last day of the month is the end day of that period. Hope this helps.[8D]

gdat1 := 030204D; gdat2 := CALCDATE(‘CM-1D+1D’, gdat1);

I don’t think Ian is looking for a coded solution since the topic is posted in the End User forum. Ian, the P shortcut when filtering dates is based on the Accounting Periods defined (General Ledger menu, Setup, Accounting Periods). If your Accounting Periods are monthly defined, then P will give you monthly filters also - they should be since it works for you.