Filtering in NAV

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Can anyone please help me with filtering?

Just a little bit of the background: My customer’s business is in the trading sector and therefor data will come from a third party application and then propagated in NAV to the individual companies. The data from the trading system it are send to NAV via BizTalk. NAV fields such as NAV posting groups will be added to the data from the trading system. I will use a Vendor record as an example. The vendor will be created based on the information from the trading system and with the added information from the template.

One vendor can have multiple roles. In NAV the value in this field comes from the trading system and if there is multiple values the values will be concatenated in a text field. The issue I have is that it would be so easy to have problems because if the fields are not selected in the correct sequence it will not find a template in NAV e.g. AB,AE could also be AE,AB.


Vendor Posting Groups: All; Local; Export, Other

Vendor Role: AB, AC, AD, AE

Rule 1: If Vendor Role = AB use Vendor Posting Group ‘Local’. In this case I would filter for the Vendor Role AB.

Rule 2: If Vendor Role = AB,AE use Vendor Posting Group ‘All’ In this case I would filter for the Vendor Role AB,AE

Rule 3: If Vendor Role = AB,AC,AD use Vendor Posting Group ‘Export’. In this case I would filter for Vendor Role AB,AC,AD. But because it is a text field and the values can also be AC,AB,AD. In this case I should use Vendor Posting Group ‘All’ but the filter will not pick up that the values are correct as it would filter for AB,AC,AD and not AC,AB,AD

Rule 4: If the Vendor Role is not ‘AB’ or ‘AC’ or ‘AE’ then add Vendor posting Group ‘Other’. In this case it could be AD or AB,AC or AB,AC,AE etc

Is there any way to filter differently so that it include the Vendor Role as per the example above?

I have taken over the project from a colleague who resigned so is battling through the issues at the moment. I am not sure if I would be able to get this to work but any help would be appreciated.

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Hi! Are you trying to assign a vendor posting group, in your example, using a bespoke field called Vendor Role? Not quite sure what the filtering you are doing after the assignment of vendor posting group is for.


Hi Neil, Yes I need to assign a template to the bespoke field ‘Vendor Role’. The template will include posting groups etc.

Thank you for your reply Neil.:slight_smile:


Sorry I am still not picking up the process and therefore the issue really. I am a visual person when it comes to understanding issues. :frowning:

Can you email an example of the end to end process / issue (screen dumps pls) to

What type of bespoke field is vendor role? Text I presume or is it an option field?