Filtering Dates in Logistics Grid Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Hi All,

For my team I would like to create a dynamic filter in the logistic file grid without filtering out the blanks.
the purpose is to see a planning with future deliveries and files that do not have a delivery date yet.
I would use for example >31-7-2020,"".
My idea is to replace 31-7-2020 by a dynamic date, for example >previous month.
There are several suggestions for dynamic dates on the instruction page of Microsoft Dynamics AX however these do not seem to work in combination with > and ,"".
Looking forward to hearing suggestions on how to filter.

Thank you!

Can you put your requirement in more detail…Normally Datetimeutil and string functions will solved your problem if used collectively…

If you can’t get what you need with existing filter functions, you can always write your own.

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