Filtering dates in "Date Filter" field in accounts table show error


I have a trouble, I’m setting a Date filter in page “Chart of Accounts id:16”, to show the Initial accounting balances of the year.

When I type 01/01/15…U31/12/15 in a 7.10 Dynamics NAV’s version, system show me the next error:

  • The filter “01/01/15…U31/12/15” is not valid for the Date filter field on the Account table. The value “U31/12/15” can’t be evaluated into type Date.

However, if I write 01/01/15…U31/12/15 in a 8.0 vDynamics NAV’s version, system don’t show me any error and works fine.

I can’t depurate this error, because is a system’s error. It isn’t code error.

I have to solve the problem, I not sure if it is a Hotfix’s problem or is a proble with Dimesions or maybe another thing.

I attach 2 images.

Any help?Thanks.

There’s a HotFix for this issue. KB2934571 and can be downloaded from here:

Thank you for the response,

I still haven’t tried the HotFix that you said Josh, but sure that it solve the problem.

Nevertheless, I noticed the problem because I was trying printing the report “Detail Trial Balance Report”, and Date Filter didn’t worked well.

I too have readed an information of this report in

I want include opening entries of Fiscal Year start date. in report, but the DateFilter of the report Dynamics NAV’s version 7.10, neither the report Dynamic’s NAV version 8.0 don’t allow me write the parametre L, the system shows me the same last error, however I can write the parametre C.

Anyone knows why system in both versions don’t admit the L parametre?