filtering dataport

Hi Experts,

I’m developing a new dataport for the customer. I need to filter certain customer Before exporting into a file based on the customer has a link to the contact. consider i’m having a customer 1000 and that customer also needs to be present in contact table.

Thanks in Advance

You can set your filter on DataItemTableView property of the dataitem

or you can try writing code in Dataitem- OnPreDataItem()

Hi Mohana, I have to link two tables contact and customer. so i can’t use the dataitemtable view property. can you please help me , how to use the two tables in the dataitemtableviewproperty?

Then you have to use Contact table as Dataitem and get the Customer in Contact - OnBeforeExportRecord() trigger and use customer fields in Field Designer…

Check Dataport 5051 - Export Segment Contact