Filtering Data based on Report Parameters

I am developing a report with RDP,Contract,UIbuilder class.I have 3 parameters like Year,Account,Itemid

when I select Year all Accounts with that specific year should come

when I select year & account,all the details of that account with that particular Item Id’s should come

when I select Year & account & itemid that single particular record should come.

can any one please help?

You have to filter your data source according parameters given by user. The easiest way is let users to set query filters directly - then AX do all filtering for you.

If you have to have year, account and item as a separate fields in your data contract, you have to implement filtering by yourself. If you still use a query in background, add query filters. If you have explicit select statements in your RDP class, add WHERE conditions there.

It’s impossible to be more specific without having any idea about how your RDP class looks like.

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