filtergroup usage

hi all, the filtergroup function is to limit the users from accessing filtered records. i have tried the filtergroup function on other forms, but it does not seem to work with a form that is filtered at form level, such as the sales invoice form. this is because if you check the form properties, there is a filter already specified. is there anyway to use the groupfilter functionality on a form such as the sales invoice? i realise that the filtergroup function comes in some parameters, from 0 to 5 to be exact. i have tried with all the numbers, but it still does not seem to work on the sales invoice form. any navision gurus has any idea?

See the Navision Help on the function “FilterGroup”. There are 256 filtergroups, numbered 0 to 255. Navision uses 6 of them internally, numbered 0 to 5. You may use any of the others but it is not wise to try to override Navision’s use of 0 to 5. We have used them quite effectively on forms and reports. You must be very careful to put them into effect and clear them properly. Dave Studebaker Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner