I have made a dialog in the report in which am asking user to enter the account can i have a filter in the report so that report generated is according to the account no.

hi ,

You can write a query to filter your data as

public boolean fetch()


boolean ret;


queryRun = new QueryRun(this); queryRun.query().dataSourceTable(tablenum(tablename)).addRange(fieldnum(tablename,Fieldname)).value(queryvalue(dialogbox fieldvalue));

ret = super();

return ret;


what is the meaning of field value ? can u plz explain.its urgent

Hi ,

Its the dialog field in which ur giving the Id on dialog box

I have used the code suggested by you,but when I am filling values in a dialog and printing the report it is showing report is empty.What can be the reason,how can it be rectified?


check it that data is there or not for that particular record which u r passing through ur dialog box

thank you,now it is generating the report but it is generating it if the end date is matched with the dates in the is not giving the report for records in betwen or transactions in between?How can I do this?

You can use SysQuery class’s range() method for the same purpopse.


In query instead of using queryValue use queryRange (date1 , date2) then it pick the data which is between date1 and date2

thanx alot …it is now working perfectly