Filter versions

Does anyone know How I can filter the version column? I want to export all objects except the ones which version is MMF01, MMF883,MMF3333 ect.

I have tried several filters such as : <>@mm, <>@m,<>m.

Any Ideas?


To join several filters just use the “&” character: “<>MMF01&<>MMF883&<>MMF3333”. It’s Ok?

MMF is numbered as MMF45, MMF 67 there are several MMF… so I want to filter all MMFs


Well, it has to be a NAV error cause I can filter “MMF*” but “<>MMF*” doesn’t work properly [8o|][8o|]

This works on SQL! [Y]

For the Navision-DB, do this:

  1. Mark all objects

  2. put the filter ‘MMF’ and unmark those

  3. filter the markedonly records.

The marked records are the ones that DON’T have MMF in it.

Nice solution kriki, thanks!!. [Y]

Anyway I think it should work easier with <>MMF*. [:(]

It works perfectly.

Cheers !!!

On SQL you can use that, but not on a Navision DB.