Filter Values to Report Layout

Is it possible to get filter values from request page to report layout?


I have a No. filter on request page and when a user has chosen a value, lets say 144, then when you look at the preview of the report, then in the header section there is a filter No. in one column and chosen value 144 in another column.

Thank you

you can use global variables for that issue. in the request page you can set the value for the global variable, which can then be read/used for filtering in the report layout.

The standard in NAV for this is something like:

FilterText := DataItem.GETFILTERS();

FilterText is your text variable which you put as source Expression in the report, DataItem is the table you want to show the filters for.

Attention: You should set any manual filters from the Options page in the “OnPreReport” section as this is also the place for the code above.