Filter sales order with delivery date before 5 days from now


Is it possible to filter out sales order with a delvery date before 5 days from now? I would like the selection to be dynamic because I am going to use it with a batch. In SQL i would use something like:

select * from salestable where deliverydate < getdate()+5

Is it possible to dom something similar in the select dialog in Axapta 3.0?

Thank you!

/Jerker Carlstrom

SETRANGE(“Delivery Date”,0d,TODAY + 5);

Thanx, but I don’t think this works for me. I suppose setrange is used when programming. I need to use it in a filter dialog box and I suppose this isn’t possible with setrange. Is it possible to do this in a filter dialog box?


What exactly do you mean with a filter dialog box?

You can ask a number (5 for 5 days for now) and then you can use the SETRANGE to filter it.