Filter report Zone wise for Option Datatype.

Dear experts,

I am trying to filter my report zone wise with options of north,east,west…My Report is based on ILE. I accessed zone from customer table…

IF Cust.GET(“Customer No.”) THEN BEGIN

Name := Cust.Name;

Zone1 := Cust.Zone;


its easily displayed on the report but i could not find the way to filter my report zone wise .I used many formats available on net for

ILE.SETFILTER(Cust.Zone,’%1’,Cust.Zone::North); i also tried by making zone a primary key in cust table.Field id of zone in ILE is different than Customer table.plz guide …


Hey use the zone field of ile and the customer zone

something like below.



Is ZONE is your dimension or FIeld in any table?

Is it attached to Customer Table ???

Zone is a customized field of Customer table. ILE table on which my report is based does not have zone field.