filter report records


i have a report with SalesTable and SalesLine. I want sales lines records of SalesTable record. How can i filter salesline records by selected record from Salestable in report ? is it possible with fetch, init or anyelse?

i want like sth this query does

select SalesLine

where SalesLine.salesid == salesTable.salesid

By entering the join in properties on the datasource in the report?

An inner join on salesline with salestable as joined table

there is no filter with this. i tried it before. it brings all salesline records :frowning:

Hi Eserk

select SalesLine

where ((SalesLine.salestype = salesTable.salestype) and

(SalesLine.salesid == salesTable.salesid))

where i can use this query on report??

i know query but where can i use it? i dont search for the query. i am looking for how can i filter?

anyway thanks

But if you have a query in the report. Add SalesTable As a datasource. In salestable’s datasources folder you add salesline, and in properties of salesline you set relations to yes, the report will come upp salestable line line, next salestable line line.

And if you would like to filter for a specifik salesorder you put a range on salestable. Then you will get the question about filtering when running you report.

When selecting relations yes it will look at the Relations on the salesline table.

You could of course do this manually by code. But why not use the features in Ax?

So the thing is not to add SalesLine as a parralell datasource, but under SalesTable’s datasources

Thank you very much Oscar… My report is same as your capture. only different is salesId range.

SalesLine Relation is Yes too in my report. Is range necessary?

One question more. How can i sum the totals of saleslines lineamounts. I cant do this in programmable section?
and I cant access the lines amounts. How can be possible?