Filter problem (Issued Reminder Card)

Has anybody knows waht to do when a strange filter is set on the card and no record is found.
The form 438 returns error every time you start it:

"Registrierter Mahnungskopf Nr. ‘KDJKLFDJFL’ existiert nicht. "

Only when i compile the object all the filters are away and it functions again. But this can definitely not be the way?
We are running the NAV 5.0.

Thanks for your help,


Filters are saved in special .zup file - when you try to open some form, and saved filter leads to “empty” scope, you get this error, instead of opening the form.

Compiling that form leads to “cleanup” of saved filters, an this is the only way to this selective cleanup, another alternative is to delete the .zup file, but this will reset ALL that user’s own configurations, as column visibility & layout etc etc.

Thanks a lot [:D]


Only this i wanted to add - i ask myself why this code is not adde OnFindRecord trigger?


…out of a special reason? …



Well, as Navision (as any other ERP system) does not allow you to delete anything, you can not normally get to a situation, that previously working filter suddenly returns empty set… Especially it’s true for primary key fields, which cause this problem with Card forms.

Then, many “filter values” NOT saved, they vanish as you close the form - and sometimes it is annoying to enter them again.

List forms CAN open easily with no records, sometimes normally, sometimes everything is greyed out and disabled, except option to close it.