Filter one lookup based on another lookup in dialog


using classes to create the dialog using one looku based on another lookup filter in dialog ,

in my requirement

customer account based on project contract id filtering

and project contract id based project ids filtering ,

any one having similar logic ,

in my problem is based on customer account project contract id filtering is fine ,

but project contract id based project id is not working, any one having logic help me

One solution is simply create a normal form and override the lookup method, instead of building it completely at runtime.

Otherwise you can use registerOverrideMethod() to call a custom lookup method instead of the standard one, and use the value of the other field in the query inside your lookup method.

Thanks for Reply Martin, I need reference for standard , is there any example in standard like, where it can be used
like similar to one lookup based another lookup and another lookup based one more lookup

Yes, is quite common, but I don’t know any concrete example by heart. If you want, spend your time looking for it, but I’m not convinced it’s efficient use of your time. Finding an example in standard AX won’t tell you anything more that building it by yourself.

Thank you for suggestion,