filter on groupfoter?

Hi All,

I have various customer posting groups.

now i am viewing their totals in group footer… how do i set a filter on a groupfooter??

i.e how do i give a date filter on a group filter so that i dont need to code much for it?



I think we need a bit more information.

What records & dates are you filtering?

If it is the ledger entries for example you could add a date filter in the Customer Posting Group table and link to the ledger or detailed ledger entries by Code/Customer Posting Group and Date Filter/Posting Date.

Anyway, trying to guess what you need is tricky, try and let us know more about the overall objective.



Simply, you cannot filter on the group filter, but as Colin suggests you can filter the source data, for axample the posting date of the transactions.

Is that a solution for you?