Filter on a Report


I have created a report for our superstore to print off their shelf edge labels. However i have not linked it to the sales price table.

I added the sales price table as a data item and added the sales price field. However this has not proved the result i wanted the report just keeps running and running.

Do i need to create an expression to show the sales price that i wanted. I think the report is running each item for each sales price that exists rather than the one i want.

I can attach a fob if need be.




Have you indented / linked the second data item (sales price) to then first?


Hi Neil

Not sure what you mean sorry but i have created it as the below, is this what you mean? Because this is how I created it.


Hi James,

You have indented the data items. Neil also needs to know if you have set any values in DataItemLink property in the indented data items.

To run a report this way on the Sales Price table is a kind of dangerous anyway.

I would rather suggest to remove the Sales Price from the data items and utilize a function in CU 7000 to return you a price.
Or you define a local SalesPrice record variable in the “Campaign” DataItem and find the relevant price by filtering manually.

Else you would risk to get several labels for the same item for different UoMs, minimum quantities and so on.

That is usually not what you are aiming for when printing SELs.


You must declaire sales price record variable and also declaire price field(decimal)

and write below code



if SalesPrice.findfirst then begin




in general you can do it this way. The intended DataItem is correct to show the prices, which were assigned to the specific item. To solve you problem with you “endless” running time, can you please attach the fob? I will take a look and help you out. I guess you didn’t have set the dataitemlink property to the sales price table. Also you have to specify, which of the sales prices do you want to see.

The primary key of the sales prices includes also the field “starting date”. If you don’t set a filter to it, then you get all the prices for the one item (lifetime).

best regards