Filter inventory transactions form based on the reference and Receipt field

How to filter inventory transactions form based on the reference and Status Receipt fields?

Wants to show only transactions with Reference = Purchase order and Receipt = Purchased.

Give me Suggestions.

Can you please provide more details? Give a proper title and description. Please don’t have everything in title.

What is your AX version?


Please elaborate. It would be difficult for anyone to answer your question without proper description.

sir , when i am opening the inventtrans form i want to filter by reference purchaseorder and status purchased.

can you share the code ?

i dont know sir how to write the logic.

i want to same like this sir.

Problem is in Table and you can able to put filter ?

sir,can u share the code.

from where you are opening the inventTrans form?

Go relaesed product > manageinventorytab>transactions

The ranges are applied based on the caller in \Classes\InventTransFormHelper\formQueryPreExecute.

You can also have your code in \Forms\InventTrans\Data Sources\InventTransOrigin\Methods\executeQuery (there is already an existing WHS code for your reference)

I have also modified title and description of this post. Please provide proper title and description in future.

yesterday itself i am written code in inventtransorigin excute query method. but iam not getting send me logic sir.

Then show us your code.

queryFilter = SysQuery::findOrCreateQueryFilter(query, query.dataSourceTable(tableNum(InventTrans)), fieldStr(InventTrans, StatusReceipt));

I am also wriiten same code ,but its not working.

Can you show the latest code? Why are you doing this filter? Don’t you want to see the other transactions (as you are using display all filter)?