Filter in Sales Order list

I would like to have a permanent filter to be placed in Sales order list in Navision. I would like to see only those list that starts with S-INV0001 and would not like to see other list of orders with other No. Series. Please advice at the earliest. Can this be done at run time, with out any development work.

Yes, this is Possible with Standard Navision and there is no need for Customization.

Go to Sales Order, place cursor in the field "No" and then select "field filter" now, key in the Range for which you would like to set a filter ex: S-INV0001…S-INV0080.

Click Apply & Ok. Now, go to Sales Order List (F5) you will only see the Sales Orders with range in which you have specified. The settings will be saved even if you logout and login. Should you wish to resume back to see complete Sales Orders, then place the "Cursor" in the Field “NO” and “Click” on the Icon “show All” now, you will see all the Sales Orders number Series in the Sales Order List.



Yes this will work. The only problem is that each user needs to do this manually. And the setting is only saved in the *.ZUP file. So if the form is updated, then the filter is removed.

I am aware of this filter functionality. When i apply filter on the Sales Order form, the Sales Order form list only those records with in the filter. But when i see the list of Sales Order, i can see the filter is removed. I would like to see only those orders starting with SORD series, So i filtered orders as SORD* in Field Filter of “No.”, when i press F5 i can see the filter is removed. I w’d like to have orders only with SORD, no other than this series and the filter should be kept permanent. Is there any other way to do this. I know changes are stored in the fin.zup file, but when we reopen the Sales Order form in navision, i can see no changes has been applied. Pls Suggest the Solution.

To keep the filters permanent you would need to develop the forms, which is what you requested not to do, so without development the suggestions given are your best option.

  1. Why do you want to do this?
  2. Why do you not want development?

Hi Richard,

That’s not correct! becausce when you set a field filter to the field “No” from a “Sales Order form” by giving a range of Numbers then these will be filtered, the same will be seen from Sales Order List as well (F5). So, this is a solution for your query without any modification. But looks like you are setting filters from Sales Order List.

The same will not work when you set a filter from Sales Order List, this is also what was mentioned by Erik.

Have you tested the Sytem yourself?



Hi Richard,

There is one other possible way of doing this in Navision without development, however you must be using the SQL version for this to be available. Which version are you using SQL or standard NAV server?

Dave Chafe, MCP
Sr. Dynamics Consultant