Filter in RecordRef

Hi, I try to import/export data to/from any table. I create a dataport, and his DataItems is table, which I created. This table serve as archive table. And where is problem? I want to set filter on RecordRef so that I start to export the data from the particular table from values which I set for individual fields in another table. for example I have table which have 3 fields 1. No.Table No. of table from which I export data 2. No.Field No. of fields which I want to export 3. Filter filter for this field on this table When I run dataport I want to set filter on RecordRef and start to export data from values which is equivalent with value of field “Fiter” Thanks

You have to create a FieldRef as well: FieldRefVar := RecordRefVar.FIELD(FieldNumber) Then set filter to the FieldRef: FieldRefVar.SETFILTER(yourFilter);

Thanks, it works…