filter in lookup


i have a lookup in that i need to display InvoiceId, InvoiceAccount, Voucher, AmountMST. i did that and it is working good. now the issue is i need to show the all records which is unsettle only. in AmountMST field having all data containing settle and unsettle also. now i need to filter only unsettle records. how can i do that.

can any one help me please.?

How you are getting the lookup???

by overriding the lookup method in the form control in the desigining.

Then you might be building a query in that, where you can add ranges and relate data sources to the query to get the expected data.

Have a look at \Data Dictionary\Tables\WMSBillOfLadingOrder\Methods\lookupSalesOrders…

hi kranti,

i saw that method in that they r joining wo tables. but in our scenario no need to go for other table. all fields are in the same table only. but in AmountMST field containing all settled and unsettled transaction amount. from that field we should fetch only unsettled transaction amounts. here all fields is in CustTrans table. i added the range on AmountMST field. basing on that field all other fields are showing. but now i need to filter only unsettled transaction amounts and corresponding other fields in lookup.


In that you can apply a join to the CustTransOpen table to get only the unsettled transactions(look into the relations)

oh thankyou kranti it is working…