Filter in flow field

Hi there, To calculate a flowfield I need to filter some records out of a table. The fields I have to filter contains values between R001 to R500 and from R1000 to R1999. Now, records containing R001 to R400 may not be selected! When I try using “>R400|>R1000&<R2000” the records containing values R101 to R199 will be included. Neither does R??? work. Who can help me? Thanks, [:o)]

Hi Danny, try this: R401…R500|R1000…R1999 Elena

No, it doesn’t exclude e.g. R101 to R199. For some reason the lenght of 3 or 4 doesn’t matter.

you’re right. you shoud use this: R401…R500|R???

I tought this would work also, the formula can be entered. But when I access the form which displays the calculated field, then I get an error that the flowfield can not be displayed because the formula contains ** or ??

Hi Danny, the problem ist that you filter on a Code Field and the sorting in this case is the following: R001 … R099 R1000 R1001 … R1009 R101 R1011 … and so on - therefore what you mention is correct - the length of the integer part does not matter because it’s a code field. If you can’t get rid of that “R” in front of your integer I don’t see any easy way to solve this issue. Try creating a new integer type field and replicate the integer part of your CODE field there and use that field instead for the flowfilter, e.g. simply put this Code in the OnValidate Trigger of the Code Field (or OnModify, OnInsert): EVALUATE(NewField,COPYSTR(CodeField,2); Saludos Nils

Ok Thanks for the suggestion.