Filter for lower case values

How can I filter in a grid (AOT or UI) to identify values with lowercase characters?

Can I use a SQL Function to do this?

I would like to identify all records in LogisticsAddressZipCode table that have one or more lowercase characters in the field for City.

I don’t think you can do this with a query/select.

But you can find whether a field value has lowercase characters or not.

str s = ‘LOWeR’;

if (strCmp(s, strUpr(s)) != 0)


info(‘has lower case’);


You can use a temp table for storing the lower case data and can use that temp table in the form

It’s handled by collations in SQL Server which is obviously set to be case-insensitive (that’s the correct setup for Dynamics AX). You could use COLLATE if you wrote a direct T-SQL command, but it’s not supported in queries from AX. Either run the query at database-level, or handle it in AX application (as Kranthi suggested).