filter field error in resvised report

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filter field error

KarenhKarenh Posts: 150Member
in NAV Three Tier

I had a report on a line table, with some filter fields in NAV 2015. I just changed it to add the header table, and moved the filter fields there so the user will be filting on values in the header table. When I test it, I get an error ‘SO0000988’ can not be filtered against field 65 because the field is not there. The last time that I ran the report, I was filtering on the order number field in the sales shipment line table. That filter value has been saved. The error is because the filter cannot be applied any more.
It seems to me that when a report is modified, these saved values for filter fields should be deleted.
It is stopping me from making the change because all the users have run the report with filters.
Where are the filter values saved? I already checked the personalization table 2000000080, and not there.

I resolved this by making the modified report a new report object with a slightly different name, and adding it to the menu.

Apparently user personalization is not deleted from the xml file when an object is modified. Often that is OK but it can result it an object being unusable, as in my situation. So I think it is a bug.