Filter Error in NAV 2013 Windows Client

Error when using both quick filter and advanced filter together:

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

The length of the string is 11, but it must be less than or equal to 10 characters. Value: @FURNITURE*


To replicate in Cronus, go to item list, apply quick filter ‘FURNITURE’, then in advanced filters, select Product Group Code and start typing in a single character, we get the error message.

This seems to occur where the quick filter contains an extended string length i.e. FURNITURE (9 chars) If you do it the other way around (i,e, define advanced first, then quick filter) it works.

Any advice appreciated.

in which field you are filter by ‘FURNITURE’ ?

Item Category Code ‘Quick Filter’, note that the column will need to be visible in list view first in order to be able to be able to quick filter on it…


Hi Abz,

I can confirm that the same error exists in the Danish version of NAV 2013.

You should report this error to Microsoft ( but thank you for letting us know.