Filter date fields using wild cards

I am trying to do Ctrl+g on a date field in a list page
/Sales and marketing/Common/Return orders/All return orders

I am trying to filter the date field i.e. Deadline in this case… trying *2015, 2015

got this info log too “Invalid value (*2015) specified in the query predicate”

Kindly advice

The data type of the field is date, not string, so you can’t use string operators. You can use relational operators (e.g. to find dates higher than 31/12/2014) and SysQueryRangeUtil functions such as dateRange() and yearRange().

Thanks Martin it worked for me
but what if the date range is >=12/31/2014&&<=2/1/2015

I am trying it on the list page which has a date field (using CTRL +G) and not coding it…

I tried 12/31/2014…2/1/2015 and it worked for me… Thank you :slight_smile: