Filter bug on related tables

I have found one funny bug on NA 3.01 version. In county table enter code ‘&’ or ‘|’. Now on delete this rec Navision discribes that filter on ‘VAT Registration No. Format’ table is invalid and not allow delete rec. Most dangerous to enter ‘’ code, all data in table ‘VAT Registration No. Format’ is deleted !!! This is couse of wrong filter application to related tables. So be careful with these simbols !!! P.S.: How do you think that hapen if customer code entered '’ and deleted?

This is an error on the ONDELETE trigger oif the counter code table. the line VATRegNoFormat.SETFILTER(“Country Code”,Code); sould read VATRegNoFormat.SETFILTER(“Country Code”,’=%1’,Code); Paul Baxter

Paul you are right, this is not bug, but example how not use setfilter. I would like correct it like: VATRegNoFormat.SETRANGE(“Country Code”,Code); Sorry for disturbance.

Yes that is an equally good way to correct it in this case. The one difference between using my setfilter and your setrange is if the value is blank. The setfilter will select the only the blank records while setrange will select all records. As the country code can not be blank in this case they do the same. It is both a bug and an example of how not to use setfilter. Paul Baxter