Filter and search

Does anybody know how to filter or search on the symbol “@”? Thanks

You can filter by using =@ or =mytest@client etc.

I can’t set a filter for @ with a = before… ;-( The symbols @,* and ? is used for special purpose in Navision. @ are for telling the system to don’t care about sensitive and insensitive character. * is a wildcard for any characters in the search/filter function and ? are the same but just for one character. ? are also used to get a std. text to a text field. If you have a Std. text with code BR and the text Best Regards, then could you easy insert the text in any text field in the system just typing ?BR. You will se the function for this in CU1.

But still Paul is right, if you have a field value with ‘’ you cannot set a field filter with ‘’ but if you use ‘’ it will find it. Also works with the other special chars like ‘%?@’. As of now i know this works for full strings only, meaning i dont know a way of finding like all fields with a ‘@’ in (tried: ‘=@’). Soren Nielsen, moderator Integration/Developer NOLUG

It will also work with an empty string as well. Normally if you filter on an empty string Navision removed the filter on that field. If you filter on =’’ then Navision will will filter those records where is value is blank. Paul Baxter

Thank you very much for replies. Now I only have to find a way to filter on strings containg this symbol. Soren Hansen