Filling Text Fields from Barcode

Forgive me if this question is too basic but although I have years of VB programming, I am new to Navision. Is it possible to fill a text variable from a barcode reader and have the focus automatically shift to the next field on the form?

Typically the bar code reader can be programmed to type the characters through the keyboard (I think this is called a keyboard wedge) and end the string of characters with another character or string of characters. I’d contact a manufacture of scanner software to determine the specifics. Django

In general the answer is yes. Typically a screen entry must complete with a Tab or a Return or must have its properties set to automatically complete when full. In the first two, more common, instances, you would include the appropriate character at the end of your bar code to complete entry to a field and move on to the next field. All you would have to do is scan the bar code and Navision would “think” that you had typed on the keyboard (assuming you’re using a wedge reader). An alternative is to have a separate sheet containing the bar code for just the terminating character. You can then read the original bar code (which may have been printed by some other system) to fill the data field, then read the terminating character bar code to end entry for that field and move on to the next field. This scenario won’t always work, but often does and a test is simple and inexpensive. Although the particular hardware is a factor here, the described technique works with most hardware / firmware used for wedge bar code readers (i.e. the configuration of reader that attaches to the keyboard port of a PC).

I have used handheld scanners a lot, scanners connected between the computer and the keyboard. And usually it is possible to configure the scanner to send an “ENTER”-command (character 13) at the end of the scanned code. The configuration is usually done by scanning barcodes from then manual. An alternative is in the form to make some programming using “CurrForm.Control.Activate”.

Thanks everyone for you responses. I have worked with wedge readers before but not with Navision and wasn’t sure the process would be the same. It sounds like it is…